söndag 30 juni 2013

Good bye Sweden, Hello USA

Jeans from Levi's, T-Shirt, Shoes and bag from H&M, Suitcase unknown

This is an old picture of me and Becca!

So it's finally time!!
I'm am as quickly as I can writing this coz I'm leaving in 5 minuets!
So this is the last post here in Stockholm! From now on I will post as often as I can whenever I have WIFI.

For more pics during the trip check out my instagram @joyevangeline
I'll see ya'll from the States!
Lots of Love!

lördag 29 juni 2013

A lot for one day

Shirt from Indiska, Tank from Hollister, Shorts from Stadium, Shoes from Converse

Tomorrow we head off! The US is pulling! It's going to be such a great trip and the best part is probably that I get to go with my best friend! It's not every day that happens!
So today has been hectic and it only 16:40.

1. I went home to my parents,
2. head back into town for dance practice
3. farther into town to have lunch with my friends
4. back home to do my laundry.

That's just what I've done. Later on I have to pack, clean, meet with my BFF and THEN I get to relax.
Oh well, back to reality.

Lots of Love

fredag 28 juni 2013

Two More Days!

Jeans from Levi's, Top from H&M, Shoes from Converse, Bag from Filippa K

It's so unbelievable! I'm heading for the States in two days! I haven't even started packing yet...
But; I've got my passports! My Swedish or European and my American!
Oh it's just crazy!
I'm gonna stop writing now coz nothing important is being written. Haha.

See ya soon!
Lots of Love

torsdag 27 juni 2013

So Close!

Picture: Taken last summer by my BFF Rebecca Sundgren

So it's official; I'm finished with all the dresses I've been working on! I can just sigh in relief! It feels good to be done. Now, since it's only 3 days until my BFF trip to the US, I only have to pack, upload some movies on my computer and then onto my I-Dad, find my charger, and well I can go on.
But for now; I'm just going to sit in my sofa and relax.

So I'll see you soon!
Lots of Love

tisdag 25 juni 2013

Too Hot for Jeans!

Yesterday's look: Tank from Gap, Jeans from Denim & Supply (Ralph Lauren), Shoes from Converse, Bag from H&M and Sunnies from Indiska

Sorry for my absence! These past few days has been hectic! But now I'm back again!
It's now 5 days until my BFF trip to the US! Oh, it's going to be perfect!

During my vacation I won't be blogging from my computer, I think I mentioned this in my last post, anyway, the picture sizes won't be consistent but fear not; as soon as I get home, then everything will get back to normal! But I'll cross that bridge when I get to it!

See you soon!
Lots of Love

söndag 23 juni 2013


It's officially less than 1 week until my BFF trip to the USA! Once we are there I wont be able to blog from my computer so that's why I'm trying to blog from my I-phone. 
So if the upcoming posts look a little strange compared to before then you know why!
I will try posting a new entry later today but from my I-Pad to see if there is a difference!

Lots of Love

fredag 21 juni 2013

Happy Midsummer

Dress, Shoes, bag from H&M (dress re-maid by me), Vest from Levi's

Happy Midsummer!
This day is like a big deal in Sweden but I don't really care about it that much but I didn't want to spend my friday afternoon at home so I took the buss to Älta where my parents live and spent the entire evening with just them. It was a good night. Here's a pic I took of my mom and me, I wish I could hava snapped one with my dad too but I never got a chance. Oh well. Now it´s off to bed!

Lots of Love

torsdag 20 juni 2013

Looking back...

Today was a short day at work but since all the busses in Stockholm are on a strike I had to walk home from work with my bad knee, so a maid a pit stop at the mall and bought myself a kneepad and a pair of short and then walked home. So here I am alone in my little apartment looking through old pics from Instagram and thought I could show you all a piece of my past.

So this is it:

This is from today right before work!

Last year me and my little sister and our parents headed to the States and then drove from NYC al the way to L.A. in under a month! It was epic! These are just a handful of the pics I took in New York.

Last Christmas. Me and my BFF, Becca. Taken December 1st, 2012.

More from our roadtrip last summer. Here we are in San Francisco!

Me and my sisters in Greece 3 years ago! The little blonde next to me is my baby sister Cajsa-Stina (I'm in the middle) and the strawberry blonde is my older sister Hannah. Love you both <3

Me and Ron Pope after his show in Stockholm last autumn. A drop in the Ocean!

And finally: this is the street sign where my family lived when I was little. Corsica st, Irvine, CA. This will forever be my second home!

That's all for this time. BFF trip in 10 days!
Lots of Love

onsdag 19 juni 2013

Highway don't care

Tank, Bag and Shoes from H&M (tank re-maid by me), Pants from Boomerang, Sunnies from Indiska

Now I'm off to the laurdry room to do some washing! Then it's alittle cleaning and sewing.
11 day's until my BFF trip to the States!

Lots of Love

måndag 17 juni 2013

Go for it!

Denim Shorts and bag, from H&M, Tank from Gap, Vest from Levi's, Shoes from Converse.

13 days until my BFF trip to the USA! Can't wait!
Lots of Love

söndag 16 juni 2013

Rosy Cozy

Shirt from Abercrombie and Fitch, tank from Hollister, Jeans from Denim & Supply (Ralph Lauren)

Today was probably one of the most touching days of my life. I got to see one of my closest friends mom get married. And her mother hasn't had it easy, non in her family has. It was just a miracle from God! I can't tell you how happy I am for them right now (I'm actually crying right now).

I truly love this family with al my heart and I am blessed to have the eldest daughter as my best friend! The flowers in the pics are from the party after the wedding. A few girls and myself worked as a waitress´ at the wedding reception and as a thank you we got to take some of the flowers home plus that the bride and groom thanked us personally and gave us each a Victorias Secret Body Mist.

So now I'm home with a head ace and pain in my knee but in Jesus Name it will disappear before tomorrow so I can go to work!
So now I'm going to watch a movie and lay down before I hit the sac!

Lots of Love

fredag 14 juni 2013


Jeans from NYDJ, Jacket BY: Joy Evangeline, Tank from Gap, Shoes and bag from H&M


Lots of Love

Little something for the apartment!

Hey There!!
Earlier this week, when I came to work, we had gotten this stool that missed one leg. Somehow it had fallen off and not been able to screw back on. So my boss was about to throw it away before I stopped to kindly ask if I could have it. I had remembered that I had this amazing glue at home.
Anyway, she said yes and glued back the broken leg and let it dry and now it's as good as new.


It's just perfect for my apartment!

Lots of Love